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Network Monitoring

Hinx Limited know that the key to having a good, well-operated network is in the design.  Design must take account of current (and likely future) requirements in key areas:

Key Design Areas

bullet Resilience - ensuring maximum uptime without compromising on performance
bullet Performance - the faster the better; in a predictable manner
bullet Security - ensuring data separation using VLANs in the campus LAN, and encypted IPSec tunnels across the Internet.

Our network design service takes into account your existing equipment, and evaluates how to best use your existing investment to maximise the above areas.  We have no interest in selling equipment or allegiance to any specific vendor, so you get truly impartial advice.

Whilst remaining vendor-neutral, we pride ourselves on remaining up-to-date with the latest technology and product offerings from the major vendors, and have good relationships with these.

Our designs are highly detailed and we aim to leave no stone unturned when specifying the requirement, as experience has taught us that attention to detail is of paramount importance - whether it is ensuring the power supply or air-conditioning can cope with the equipment, or that the fibre sizes & quality are compatible.

Detailed diagrams are provided at each stage in design, and these are refined during the design consultation process to ensure that the implementation will be as trouble-free as possible.

Hinx have many years experience and have designed, implemented, handed over and monitored a large number of networks in the UK today. Have a look at our Reference Accounts for more information.








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