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Network Monitoring

Enterprise networking runs from the small business using Internet Technology to boost their footprint to large multi-nationals with global networks.

These networks have three common threads:

bullet Applications are widely varied;
bullet There is a current need for QoS for VoIP or Video applications
bullet Resilience at component and link level in all critical areas of the business


Enterprise Design

Hinx have designed solutions for all of these, including providing different options, often in a multi-vendor environment.  We understand QoS at the service-provider level, giving a unique view to how Enterprises should deploy QoS, and can also advise on the selection of Service Providers based on service fit to applications.

Our experience in Campus networking, coupled with Layer 2 and Layer 3 techniques can often add value to the overall network design and choice of equipment and service provider.



That's why at Hinx we form a team with all of the appropriate skills to offer a complete view of your network, to develop an architecture that delivers to your expectations and beyond. Our expertise is in:
bullet WAN technology: point to point circuits, LES circuits, MPLS/VPNs, ISDN, ADSL, QoS, resilience
bullet LANs: VLANs, QoS, resilience, standards and design templates
bullet Layer 2 design and resilience, Layer 3 routing, Layer 4 content control
bullet IP Telephony: impact and design
bullet Wireless LANs - security issues and coverage/reach modelling
bullet Security - Firewalling and Intrusion Detection are only part of the story.  What's essential is a security policy on which to build these items effectively.

Hinx also offer these Enterprise Services:

bullet Detailed Network Design
bullet Quality of Service Design
bullet IP Telephony / bulk VoIP
bullet Network Optimisation
bullet SafeHands - a cost-effective means to keep your network in top condition
bullet NetAudit - Baselining your network to find ways to make it perform more effectively
bullet EagleEyes - On-site monitoring platform that looks after your network 24x7, looking out for anomalies and providing traffic trends

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