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Network Monitoring

The world of Wireless networking seems so simple at first glance.  Most people have had exposure to Wireless LAN (WLAN) through Wi-Fi and home networking, although the scare stories about the lack of security have made some companies steer clear.

Hinx have a long history of Wireless networking, having used this technology and with in-depth knowledge of the technology and the associated security applications.

bullet Knowledge of applications and suitability to handhelds
bullet Wireless 802.11a, b and g implementation.
bullet Security servers to link through to Active Directory login for single sign-on.
bullet 802.1x authentication schemes to prevent unauthorised access to the WLAN.
bullet Guest WLAN and Corporate WLAN using the same infrastructure, keeping the traffic separate.
bullet Survey, Design and implementation of complex RF schemes.
bullet RF Channel Planning and Channel Blanket deployment
bullet Knowledge of the latest Technology implementations and standards.
bullet Hinx are a "Safe pair of Hands" for our network.

Key Benefits

bullet Practical knowledge of many aspects of RF planning and usage
bullet Multi-vendor skills and expertise
bullet product supply also available but not mandatory
bullet Simply explained for ease of use
bullet Suitability reports for existing implementations - quite often all that is required is tuning of the existing setup rather than expensive fork-lift upgrade.

Wireless Expertise in the following vendors:

bullet Cisco Aironet
bullet Extricom Wireless
bullet Buffalo Wireless
bullet Proxim Wireless
bullet HP Procurve Wireless
bullet Symbol Wireless
bullet Intermec Mobile Handsets





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