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Being well-informed is an art.  At Hinx we take this for granted, but often each piece of an overall network architecture requires different skills from the consultant. That's why at Hinx we form a team with all of the appropriate skills to offer a complete view of your architecture, to develop an architecture that delivers to your expectations and beyond.  Our expertise is in:
bullet MPLS TE designs: full/partial/hierarchical MPLS Traffic Engineering Tunnels using RSVP
bullet MPLS/VPN Designs with RR hierarchy and multi-AS capability
bullet IGP designs: maximising the effects of Interior Gateway Protocols to best serve a flexible network
bullet QoS considerations: How using QoS, coupled with DiffServe-TE could release bandwidth in your network and allow you to offer truly differentiated service
bullet Triple-play: delivering multiple Multicast streams to intelligent Access/Edge equipment with bandwidth management.

Our expertise is gained in real-life environments, not just in PowerPoint; we've used products and designs that work in the real world.

We have managed projects with multi-million-pound budgets, carried out vendor platform testing for core and access environments, worked on designs abnd architectures for triple-play.

Vendor experience includes:
bullet Cisco CRS-1, 124xx, 7600/6500
bullet Juniper ERX, M-series, T-series
bullet Avici QSR, SSR, TSR
bullet Tellabs 8800 series
bullet Alcatel 7700 series






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