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Network Monitoring

Virtualisation is the new buzzword in Data Centre technology.  Outsourcing is an old buzzword, feared by many and grasped by the brave.

Not any more.

Hinx Virtual Data Centre hands you control, and lets us take care of the day-to-day, in a virtual environment.  We can add more disk, more memory, more CPU power to your data centre seamlessly.

Focused on Business

Your Internet business runs 24x7, customers need access to information at all times of day or night.  Your data centre also needs to be 100% open, with continual uptime.  Our class-leading monitored data centre gives you the ultimate flexibility to ensure that your data survives.

Technically Advanced

Developing?  Ready for User Acceptance Testing?  Production-ready apps that have been tested in the same environment?  We can handle it all, on virtualised servers (using vmware) offer Solaris, Linux or Windows servers.

Clusters?  We can cluster as many servers as you would like at the back-end, whilst offerring a single URL to the client.

Security?  Each customer gets their own dedicated firewall instance, and the choice of dedicated or shared layer 2 switches.

Virtualised storage gives the ultimate in flexibility with on-the-fly changes to LUN sizes, scaling to Petabytes of storage.

Serving Business 24x7, 365 days a year (366 on leap years!)

Server load-balancing solutions offer the best possible uptime, allowing scheduled maintenance without customers even realising that anything has happened.

Integrated backup solutions for LAN-based backup as well as SAN-based backup.

Tailor your own virtual data centre from any one of our templated designs, which are certified and designed by proven experts with many years of data centre expertise.

Bring in your own WAN links, or utilise our many Internet Service providers to perform BGP load-balancing on outbound traffic.

Big Brother is watching

All monitored by a state-of-the-art NOC, staffed by skilled, knowledgeable operations staff. 

Use our EaglePortal to view your network status and reports, with real-time reporting and alerts.

Diverse power supply available, with diversely routed WAN links.

Dual redundancy for all equipment and paths to provide 100% uptime for your application (depending on selected design).

Whatever you need, we have the rack space.  Trust HinxDC to operate your data centre to the standard that your own operations staff aspire to, and get on with running your business rather than your data centre.

Talk to a consultant about the positive balance options available, and get your business into a higher gear.





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