June 2006

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Network Monitoring


24x7 Enhanced Network Monitoring

24x7 server sits in your network, monitors the crucial services and LAN ports.

June 2006 -- Hinx enhance their Eagle-Eyes version 1 networking appliance with significant enhancements to provide industry-leading level of network monitoring, with an alert escalation service that means our consultants are aware of problems immediately.

Significant enhancements for version 2 include:

bullet top talkers - configurable for between 5 and 25 top stations on the network
bullet trending of information for all graphed information
bullet auto-topology detection
bullet dynamic device templates
bullet manual configuration of "key ports" possible

Eagle-Eyes version 2 also improves overall performance by using SmartSNMP(tm) - our in-house development of minimising the number of SNMP "get" commands issued to LAN switch devices, hence lowering the overhead of network monitoring on the network.  SmartSNMP(tm) also reduces the processing power required on the appliance itself - making this solution far more scalable than competitive products.

Our customers run their businesses on the network, some businesses are wholly reliant on this vital resource and often only realise this too late, when a disaster occurs.  Hinx have developed Eagle-Eyes, a solution that runs on a hardened Linux server which is placed inside your network, and monitors connectivity and individual devices, baselining the "regular" activity and looking for operating anomalies.

Alerts can be emailed or sent by SMS (depending on firewall rules).  This server also holds all network device configurations in a central respository that becomes the change control history so that unexpected events have a traceable history to quickly examine any recent changes.

All of this information is accessible via a web interface, which has password-protected access so that only certain individuals can view certain parts of the service.

We believe that this service takes network monitoring to a new level, providing a high level of service for our customers and a great deal of peace of mind.

Eagle-Eyes version 2 is available for on-line demonstration, or download a brochure.

For More Information Contact:

Hinx Limited
19 Downs Road, South Wonston, Winchester SO21 3EU UK
Tel: +44 196 288 6174
FAX: +44 196 288 5705
Email: sales@hinx.com





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